What's Your Why?

Go to college. Declare a major. Get a degree. Start a career. Live happily ever after... For many of us the path isn't nearly that simple and straight. Life's trail is winding and, at times, steep. We provide a pathway for college students to step back, ask life's biggest questions, and align their career goals with their deepest values and life purpose. This is a journey we take together...


Self-Direction and the

You don't have to have your whole planned out by the time you're 21. But ever since you were a kid you've been wanting to be “grown up.” Well, this is it. Life is starting to come at you fast, and you're being expected to make consequential decisions about the direction of your life—decisions about your long term career path and professional goals, but also decisions about finances, money management and debt, and relationships!--It's a lot. We all need some space to catch up and for the direction of our lives to come into focus. Our peer groups provide some of that space.

Life starts coming at you fast. It's easy to get caught up in just getting through the next thing—the next test, the next project, the next class. But if you're not careful, all these “nexts” won't really add up to much. There's no real direction. There's just “next.” So, if you're stressed and anxious about the future, and you've got this nagging sense that you're not really on track...
There's more to it, too, than just having goals and a sense of direction. There's being able to act purposely to stay on track and achieve.

We have good intentions. We mean well, and we want to do well. Be successful. Happy. The problem is the cavernous sized gap between our good intentions and our ability to be intentional. Living purposely is about closing that gap. Being a part of a carefully crafted peer group committed to helping one another along—a group made up of friends who, in a loving way, help to hold you accountable for the direction that you've set for yourself—has the potential of being transformative and...
Students can easily become overwhelmed with stress, anxiety, and uncertainty about the future. We all need to carve out space to process the big picture of our lives--to reflect not just on what we're doing, but why we're doing it. Ideally, our life purpose should come first, and we align our academic and career goals to follow. So, in our mentoring, our focus is less on the career goals we want to achieve and more on the person we want to become. When we tap into who we are and the kind of person we want to become...

Why Participate

Being an active part of a self-directed peer learning group can help students:

Go beyond classes, majors, and even degrees to identify life purpose and direction

Align your life with your deepest values

Identify life issues and chart a path ahead

Stay on track and stick with it through difficult times

Process stress and anxiety in a context of support and encouragement